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Workout Regimin

I think motivation is something we all struggle with from time to time. Including if you are exercising and working horses multiple times a week. My workout regimen is usually to start out in the spring with two or three rides throughout the week (to not make them overly sore). After a week or two, increase the workout time and how many times a week you work them. This can include lunging, or riding, and no this doesn't count groundwork. I will usually ramp up my exercise regimen for the horse to around 3/4 rides throughout the week for 30 minutes apiece. This gives enough time to warm the horse up, do various exercises, drills, etc. One thing I can't stress enough to people just starting out in the industry is to not constantly work the pattern. It can make them incredibly sour (as you probably would be too if all you did was the pattern). There are ways where you can practice things that can help you on the pattern without working on the pattern. One exercise I found incredibly useful was to simply go around the arena and do diagonals across it in random spots. In the back left corner? Cross over to the front right corner. I even like to throw in circles. I think it's important to never let your horse become TOO used to your workout regimen. To create a responsive horse that is on its toes ready to work, you need to steer away from what you do every day. Switch it up. Try a different drill, exercise, or even leave your arena and go walk down the road. It's the little things that always add up. Also, LONG TROTTING AND BACKING UP HILLS ARE YOUR FRIEND!

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